Keep Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution to get healthy.

Did you make resolutions for the new year? Did your goals have to do with weight loss? If so, you’re not alone. Studies show that 45% of people surveyed last year made weight loss and fitness their goal.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of those resolutions are left behind in the first quarter of the year. What can you do to stay on track in 2019? As your local medical weight loss clinic, Pennington Med Spa & Transformation Weight Loss Clinic has some tips to help you be successful.

Compare extreme diet & exercise plans to simpler ones

People tend to go to extremes when it comes to weight loss resolutions in the new year. Instead of helping people lose weight, these plans often keep people from learning healthy habits for diet and exercise. Even worse, these extremes lead to further weight gain. Instead, try to focus on simple lifestyle changes, like finding workout routines that fit in your schedule. Focus on self-control instead of immediate results.

Know the power of working with a support team

Working with a medical weight loss team is a great step towards achieving success. Your friends and family can also help get you through this process. Honest feedback and encouragement are two important components of healthy weight loss.

Be kind to yourself

Taking care of yourself is an important part of getting healthier. Your motivation to lose weight should not come from negative peer pressure. You need to want the transformation for yourself. Our weight loss clinic uses life coaching and nutritional counseling to help you be the very best you can be.

Are you ready to make 2019 the year you lose weight and keep it off for good? Schedule an appointment with Pennington Med Spa & Transformation Weight Loss Clinic to learn more.