Read Testimonials from satisfied clients of Pennington Med Spa in Rock Hill, SC. Our goal is to make your experience with us positive and private so you can enjoy your journey.


Acne no more!! Thank you Hannah for introducing me to the Skin Ceuticals LHA Acne Line.

Christy J

I am so glad to have met you [Melanie]! You are so passionate about health and helping others!
Erika V

Many thanks to Hannah! Her expertise and my new Skin Ceuticals regimen have brightened and softened my aging sun- damaged skin!

So hard to sing y’all’s praises in a few short words!!! But, I loved the PicoSure laser! I saw results for my brown spots and fine lines quickly! Also there was no down time.
Bobbi C

My filler is fabulous!!! I haven’t been this happy in a long while. You and Dr. P are a wonderful team and I thank you. Wish I could kiss you with these juicy lips!!

Wendy D

OMG! I just can’t believe what a small amount of product it takes! I have always used upper end salon products-but the difference in my skin in just 4 days of switching to SkinCeuticals is unbelievable!
Deborah A

I completed the PicoSure laser treatments earlier this year and am very pleased with results. My skin looks brighter and also helped fine lines. Down time after treatments was minimal. Hannah walked me through my options to decide which one was best for me- thank you, Hannah! Overall, very pleased!
Vickey D

I have been going to Hannah as my esthetician for many years for all of my waxing treatments. She is always professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I enjoy my visits with her.
Ginger R

Hannah at Pennington Med Spa is the BEST! She’s not only warm and caring but extremely professional. She works closely with me as a patient to improve the appearance and quality of my skin. I’ve had numerous treatments including micro peels and facials. I can see a big improvement in the texture and dark spots of my skin which makes me so happy! Hannah is a dedicated Esthetician who truly cares about helping others feel good about themselves. I am a loyal client and will recommend Pennington Med Spa to all of my friends and family!

Shannon B

Dr. Pennington and her staff are very professional and yet approachable and personable. They are very helpful in answering questions and educating you in treatment options but you never feel pressured. You really are put at ease and made to feel welcome and appreciated for coming there. I’ve seen Hannah for years and she is absolutely the best at what she does and you can’t beat Melanie’s energy! People DO NOT drive to Charlotte we have the best right here in Rock Hill!
Brenda R

Several months ago I walked into The Pennington Med Spa in Rock Hill, SC and underwent the PicoSure Laser Treatment on my face. The wonderful gal that administered the treatment is Hannah. She is a real treat and it was a joy to get to know her. Her manner was extremely professional and had great concern for my comfort. The procedure was fast and painless as was the recovery. NEVER SUFFERED! Three treatments and it was goodbye my problem area wrinkles. I am looking forward to doing it again as it made a HUGE difference to my skin. I highly recommend this laser treatment! I never had the feeling I was burned. Never had any pain associated with it. The only thing I felt afterwards was minimal itching which went away if I put moisture cream on. You will not be sorry.
Bertha H

I am of Native American descent, and I have very tanned skin. I have suffered with very stubborn melasma for many years. Because of my skin tone, I am very limited to what treatments my skin will tolerate. Last year, I was given the opportunity to give Aerolase a try. I had 6 treatments, 1 treatment per month for 6 months. At first I did not see much improvement. However, over time, my skin started lightening up where very dark patches of the melasma had been. I am very impressed by the Aerolase. So much so, I intend on having future treatments in order to maintain, or even hopefully improve, the melasma that remains.
Dianne H

I have been going to Pennington Med Spa for a few years. My esthetician, Hannah Trader, is a certified expert in the field of skin care and gives me personalized advice, treatment plans, and products based on my goals. I am 57 and have dry, sensitive skin. Chemical peels often irritate my skin. Hannah suggested a HydraFacial. After one session, I get a HydraFacial every 6 weeks. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin with serums that are infused into pores. When I leave my skin feels and looks smooth and hydrated. I have noticed in pictures a definite improvement in the texture and radiance of my skin and the diminishing of lines around my mouth and eyes. I have my HydraFacials scheduled with Hannah through the end of 2021 and am just waiting for her 2022 booking calendar to open!
Kim M


When I walked in the office, I felt a peace...relaxing....a much needed break from the world! Then I was greeted by the staff who were all super sweet and friendly! And then was completely pampered by the Hydrofacial which was AMAZING!! My face feels completely renewed and is glowing!! I highly recommend all services at Crawford MedSpa. I will be going back soon!
Ashley Weston
Ashley Weston
18:14 23 Feb 18
Staff are very professional and friendly. They have extensive knowledge of their products and services and take excellent care of their clients. Will definitely visit again.
Martha Trader
Martha Trader
02:30 16 Mar 18
Welcoming, knowledgeable, and talented staff. They offer a wide variety of services. Really makes a difference in how your skin looks and feels! They also sell amazing face products!
Meghan Keogh
Meghan Keogh
02:40 10 Feb 18
Such a lovely place with a warm and friendly staff.
Julie Storm
Julie Storm
21:16 15 Feb 18
Sharon Ledbetter
Sharon Ledbetter
16:00 25 Jan 17
Dr. Crawford and his staff are wonderful! His work is amazing!
Mildred Huey
Mildred Huey
17:05 09 Nov 18
This office is absolutely amazing. The weight loss program really works. You are accountable and everything is always positive. They will help you with any aspect including diet, education, exercise program suggestions or whatever life stuff might be getting in your way to being healthy. I gained weight after birth control caused hormonal issues. Melanie knew exactly what problems I had and how to help me loose. I lost 64 pounds over about 6 months of serious dedication. The best part about loosing the weight is the support they continued to provide while I was maintaining my size. I am going back soon to start round two!
I had the best time at the office. I really would recommend going for yourself, no one else. I feel like a million bucks.
jackie trull
jackie trull
17:50 02 Jan 20
Currently undergoing the laser tattoo removal process at this office. The staff have been incredibly understanding and professional throughout the entire process so far. Ashley has been doing the greatest job throughout each stage of the removal process to make sure that the proper precautions and care is provided to ensure correct healing of the skin after each visit. Dr. Pennington and the rest of her staff have been phenomenal to work with as well. I highly recommend this office to anyone and everyone considering having a tattoo removed. The environment is welcoming, everyone is friendly, and their work is excellent. Thank you to all involved!- Andrew
Andrew Dunham
Andrew Dunham
09:23 15 May 21